September Wedding Colors

September Wedding Colors. Design Own Wedding Invitations. Royal Wedding Cake Decorations.

September Wedding Colors


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september wedding colors

september wedding colors – Bling Jewelry

Bling Jewelry Silver-Plated Round Faceted CZ Blue Sapphire Color Omega Clip Earrings
Bling Jewelry Silver-Plated Round Faceted CZ Blue Sapphire Color Omega Clip Earrings
Absolutely breathtaking! Inspired by a famous designer, these earrings are set in silver-plating. These faceted sapphire colored earring drops feature a striking 10mm round crown blue sapphire colored CZ as the centerpiece. These omega clip earrings are adorned with dazzling marquise and round CZs around atop. These items have a delicate wearing feel, and post backings to ensure security and functionality without sacrificing style. You will feel like a royalty wearing these magnificent blue sapphire colored CZ chandelier earrings. For pierced ears only.

September Peach

September Peach
September’s wedding dress display in the window near our apartment was a less offensive peach color, with more offensive flowers all over it. Makes me want to get married all over again!!!

Our Wedding – Table Views

Our Wedding - Table Views
One of the many photos that has been taken with a table "spy" cam at our vietnamese wedding banquet.
september wedding colors

september wedding colors

0.75cttw Natural Round White sapphire (AA+-Clarity,White-Color) 10 Stone Wedding Band in 925 Sterling Silver.size 9.0
This is a beautiful 0.75cttw Natural Round White sapphire (AA+ Clarity,White Color) 10 Stone Wedding Band in 925 Sterling Silver.
There are total 10 Natural Round White sapphire which are beautifully set using Prong setting.
Dimension – Width : 2.75 mm, Height : 2.70 mm, Length : 22.00 mm.
This beautiful gem on it’s own is gorgeous and quite different from others.
Sapphires are usually used as a protection gemstones for the wearer but the white sapphire has it’s own brilliance.
The clear sparkle this gem has is irresitable and perfect for any occasion.
This Rings ships with a jewelry box and inhouse appraisal with a certificate of authenticity.size 9.0


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